I have been a teacher and tutor since 2004. My training and interest is especially in English and Writing. 

At the University of Mississippi I assisted in teaching literature courses, grading papers and leading discussion. Later I designed and taught my own composition courses, helping incoming students with literature and paper-writing.

More recently I have worked as a teacher at the Daniel Academy, a small school in South Kansas City, teaching English, History and other liberal arts courses.

Over the years I have tutored dozens of students, from kindergartners struggling with reading to doctoral candidates working on their theses. 

Personal and professional references include:

• David Galef, PhD – Teacher, mentor, Montclair University

• Dr. Patricia Cleary-Miller, PhD – Professor, mentor, Rockhurst University

• Emily Lee – Teacher, principal; Daniel Academy

• Diane Bickle – Friend, supporter, businesswoman;  Gladheart Realty 

If you’d like further references, contact information, or a selected list of tutoring clients, please let me know.

Thanks so much for your interest.